Build Your Financial Fitness

Financial planning to help you greet your next chapter with confidence.

Gain peace of mind

Be ready for anything

Feel confident in your plan

Life is for Living, Not Worrying

Enjoy the freedom that comes from being financially fit.



Every situation is unique. We’ll craft a plan based on your goals and what’s really important to you.



Our services cover everything from retirement planning to investment management, so we can meet all your wealth management needs.



Your best interest is our first priority. As fee-only planners, you can trust us to make the best recommendations for you—not for commissions.

Change Has Got Nothing On You

When you’re prepared, the winds of change can’t blow you over. Our 15+ years of financial experience will help you build a financial plan that can weather any storm. And if that storm came unexpectedly and you feel blown over, let us help you get back on your feet.


Collecting your information is the first step. You may be surprised at what you have and the peace of mind that comes with knowing where it all is.


Working with a CFP® professional, you will build a plan that aligns with your goals and values so you can feel confident about your future.


Communication is the key to building a long-lasting relationship. Our regular meetings will keep you up to date on your financial wellbeing.

Women facing life transitions need peace of mind about their finances. At Capital B Financial we build strong plans so you can enjoy this next chapter in your life knowing you are financially fit and feeling confident about your future.

Change doesn’t have to be scary.

We understand big life changes are daunting—especially if you’re not sure you’re ready. But here’s a secret: confidence comes from making a plan.

At Capital B Financial planning, we’re here to help you build the financial strength and well-being you need so you can enter your next chapter with confidence.

You don’t have to have everything perfectly in order. We’ll do that together. We’ll use our financial planning and tax experience to give you advice you can trust to guide your financial decisions.

Stop feeling uncertain about your finances and instead enjoy this next chapter in your life knowing you are financially fit and ready for the future.

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